What Do Clients Say?

The following are comments from some of our clients:

"I have used Dr. Kelly's expert services in two cases and in both instances his opinions have proven invaluable. Dr. Kelly has a strong, credible presence in depositions and his command of his field of toxicology is evident. In addition, Dr. Kelly is prompt in reviewing records, learning the intricacies of the case, and preparing an expert report. I have found that he fully understands and appreciates the importance of legal deadlines. Dr. Kelly's participation as an expert has proven to be a great asset in getting cases resolved."

Henderson, NV

"I have been a criminal defense attorney for over 25 years. Dr. Raymond Kelly is probably the best forensic expert with whom I have ever worked.

In a recent case involving charges of manslaughter and furnishing drugs against a dentist, Dr. Kelly proved to be the "central intelligence" of my forensic expert collegium.

I employed services of a forensic psychologist, pathologist, ergonomics and safety engineer, psychopharmacologist and other toxicologists. Dr. Kelly reviewed all case information and forensic data. His understanding of the totality of considerations was nothing short of phenomenal. The case involved substantial destruction of toxicological evidence and an evaluation both of its impact on the defense and the accuracy of prosecution testimony through its own experts.

Dr. Kelly was keenly aware throughout of the difference between solid toxicological opinions and stretching forensic speculation to accommodate adversarial interests. As a witness, Dr. Kelly was questioned not only by myself and the prosecution, but also by the trial judge. He was able competently to agree and disagree where the state of forensic science and current studies necessarily required. Dr. Kelly supervised and integrated input from other defense experts, assisting me as trial counsel in harmonizing and assigning testimony and expertise best suited to the qualifications of individual defense expert witnesses."

Beverly Hills, CA

"I had the opportunity to use Dr. Kelly as an expert witness in a rape trial. The complaining witness had a .24 blood alcohol level when the sexual assault exam was conducted at the hospital. Dr. Kelly testified as an expert on blood alcohol levels and the effect of alcohol on the body. Dr. Kelly was able to take complex subject matter and present it to the jury in a clear and concise manner. Dr. Kelly had a very professional presence on the witness stand. I would highly recommend Dr. Kelly both as an expert witness and for consultation."

Oakland, CA

"Dr. Kelly was invaluable in educating...about the effects of cocaine and its role in cardiac arrhythmia. His testimony was crucial and effective.... His work on the case was largely responsible for preventing my client from having to serve time for a crime he did not commit. Dr. Kelly's work with me was very important. But the time we spent together working on this case was also a pleasure."

Oakland, CA

"I have had the pleasure to retain and work with Dr. Raymond Kelly in a recent personal injury case, tried to defense verdict in Las Vegas, Nevada. Dr. Kelly testified on the issues of alcohol intoxication, the effects of alcohol and the procedures utilized to establish valid clinical and forensic blood alcohol results. I found Dr. Kelly to be extremely knowledgeable and competent in all of these areas. He was a personable witness, who explained things in simple terms before a jury who obviously liked him. I highly recommend Dr. Kelly as a consulting or testifying toxicologist."

Reno, NV